How to configure SMTP for your email client


SMTP is called as simple mail transfer protocol. It is used in email communications and very useful to push your emails to the server. If you are using outlook, then you must type in the SMTP address for configuration and send your emails through the email server. Email are first introduced in the 90’s and it has changed the communication forever.  Emails have made the office work easier, no more sending costly speed posts and no more worries whether the recipient got the mail or not.

What is an email client?

It is a software designed to send your emails to the mail server and retrieves your emails from the server. It is like doing the work of a postman just by picking all your mail from the mail box and giving you the back the mails that was sent for you. This way you will get emails in one place, thanks to the developers to build an email client in 90’s. Nowadays lot of people never use a separate email client but they use it in the form of android or IOS Apps. It is possible for anyone to mail easily within 5 minutes.

How does SMTP work?

As I mentioned earlier, SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol and you use it along with the email client to push your emails to the mail server. Suppose you are using GMAIL server and you are using outlook as your mail client, where you type, edit, insert pictures and send them. Here in the mail client “Microsoft outlook” or “Netscape” if you remember using them then you must have to add the SMTP server location and port numbers. This way to can send email to anyone across the globe, but android apps will be the best to use nowadays. Try using G suite for work, which helps you to send official mails to your clients. If you’d like to know more about c99 shell you should read at special website.

Configuration part

If you want to configure your outlook express or any other email client, then you must type your SMTP address and POP3 mail server address. At you’ll know more about it. Both are vital in sending and receiving mails. You will also require the right port number. When all the three credentials matches with the server that you send, you can get the positive response or you would be an error message regarding the failure. Back in the days, it was very tough using the dial up connection internet.

Today’s scenario

Even if you want to give a try using the email clients, then you can try using the Gmail app which is widely used by millions if not billions. You can configure separate settings for other mails also which you can retrieve using GMAIL app. You also have the option of blocking or unsubscribing from the list while you are feeling annoyed or being bored of their usual promotions. You can also try using dropbox and other features like retrieving the sent mail back. Thanks to the android developers for making the lengthy process to a simple app in every one’s pocket.